Submit Your Stories

I hope you liked the blog. Book stories are a part of your personal story where you talk about books – your reading journey and experiences, the books that you have read, your relationship with it, all the while sharing how a particular book changed you, impacted you, helped you solve a problem, etc.

Your story submissions are important because when you submit your stories, it will help readers choose the best books to read not only through the reviews but also through the stories that they might relate to and the recommendations that chiefly depend on it.

While I would love to feature your book story, I suggest that you go through the guidelines, It will help you draft your story better: 

  1. Tell about yourself in general, especially about your book journey.
  2. Write about how you discovered it and your reading experience once you read it. 
  3. Write about the realization and lessons you learned. 
  4. Write about how that book changed you OR impacted you OR helped you solve a problem. Describe it as long as you can.
  5. Write about the actions that you took. Besides, you could write about the things you were doing wrong and the changes that you made.
  6. Write about your implementation journey
  7. And finally,  the results……   write about them too….. 

Once you are done with the content, email them at with the subject line: Your name + book/author story ( Aditya Iyer’s book story)

Thanks for your contribution. You have not only helped readers choose the best book for themselves but also helping me achieve the goals of this blog.