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Thank you for your interest in Book Stories. This is a place to share stories of readers who benefited from reading a book and covers the author’s journey and rationale of writing a book.

Your contribution is important because when you submit your stories, it will help readers choose the best books to read not only through the reviews but also through the stories that they might relate to and the recommendations that chiefly depend on it.

Please read the guidelines before submitting your story:

For readers:  The content would be a combination of a review and a story. Here are some questions and pointers to help you craft the content:

  1. You could about yourself in general. You could talk about the things you want to say about yourself and about your book journey. 
  2. How did you discover the book?
  3. How did it make you feel? (You could describe your reading experience)
  4. What were the realizations gained and the lessons learnt?
  5. How did you benefit? Did the book help you solve your problem? Did it answer the questions you were looking for and fulfil its purpose?
  6. You could talk about the actions that you took. Besides, you could write about the things you were doing wrong and the changes that you made?
  7. Was it easy to implement the advice and ideas shared in the book? Write about it in brief – the challenges, difficulties and problems you faced while implementing? .
  8. And finally, the results, write about the results as compared to the book and the amount of time it took to see it?

For authors,

The pointers are like an author interview, but I am not interested in taking any interview when I can share stories focusing on the same pointers and questions. Besides, stories are much more interesting to read. Don’t you agree?  Here are some questions and pointers to help you craft the content:

  1. Tell about yourself in general. – your inspirations, favorite books, how does your life (as a writer) look like?  Etc.
  2. Write about the rationale behind the book. (What is it about and how will it help the readers? What can the readers expect? WHY you wrote this book? How did you come up with the idea?
  3. How was the experience and the journey while you were working on it? You could talk about the unique experiences, incidents, and lessons you specifically learned while writing the book, etc.
  4. You could talk about the interesting things that could not be covered in the book.
  5. And finally any advices to readers

Once you are done with the content, email them at with the subject line: Your name + book/author story ( Aditya Iyer’s book story)

Thanks for your contribution. You have not only helped readers choose the best book for themselves but also helping me achieve the goals of this blog.