This Book Is Sure to Make an Impact on How You Live Your Life…… 

We are the most comfortable generation ever to live on this planet. There is no question about that. Yet we are not so happy, peaceful, and most loving generation… why? 

Sadguru, in his book Inner Engineering, said that your inner well-being is a mess. The current science and technology have fixed the outer world but not the inner world. This book explored science and technology, which I was surprised was available for ages, to maintain our inner world. Its Yoga – the essence of the book. 

This book didn’t explore any yoga postures but gave detailed information about yoga, hatha yoga, kriya yoga from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I loved the knowledge and experience shared. It was profound and amazing. I won’t be surprised if yoga became your everyday routine.

But this book isn’t about Yoga. Sadguru’s spiritual book is a step-by-step process that not only shows you how to care for your inner wellbeing but also brings you eastern traditions and his unusual perspective on things backed with scientific facts and research. It is bound to blow your mind because it blew mine. It’s one of the books where I have underlined at least 30% to 40% of the content. 

I liked the funny stories and analogies that supported the deep, reflective, and profound message. The content was engaging with eye-opening insights. It’s a cool mix of spirituality and science. Moreover, I liked that he stated that you take nothing you read as 100% true. You’ve got to experiment and draw your conclusion.

I learned about his book while watching his interview with Impact Theory. His answers not only blew my mind but left me speechless at times.

I had quite a lot to takeaways from this book. Some of them are:

  • Taking destiny into your hands doesn’t mean everything will happen your way. The outside world will never happen 100% your way. 
  • When you feel pain, misery, or anger, it’s time to look within you, not around you. To achieve well-being, the only thing that needs to be fixed is YOU.
  • You have a choice to respond consciously to the present or react compulsively to the past. 
  • The source and basis of your experience are within you. Pain, pleasure, joy, misery, agony, or ecstasy all happen INSIDE YOU.
  • Anger is rooted in your false prospection that you can change the situation by using your temper. But the reverse is true, you can never change the situation by forsaking your intelligence.

It is worth your time because it’s bound to have an impact on you. The concepts and ideas around topics like believing VS seeking, responsibility, and detailed exploration of the Mind, Body, Energy, and much more will leave you speechless and change your perception towards life.

Take for example, in believing VS seeking, he said that the moment you get strongly identified, you lose your perspective on life because what you considered moral a hundred years ago is intolerable today. What you think is very good, your children despise. 

The moment you get identified with your limited morality, your intellect functions in such a way that you never see the world as it is. If you want an element of spirituality to enter your life, you must first drop these rigid ideas and virtues and learn to look at life just the way it is. Eye-opening, isn’t it?

Final Thought:

Sadguru’s Inner Engineering is a fascinating read that will not only teach you how to maintain your inner wellbeing but with his unusual perceptive and probing questions, will leave an impact in your life.

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See you later. Cheers!!

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