A Great Book About the Trifecta of Meditation

How has stress affected your performance? How has it affected your sleep, age, sex-life, and other areas of your life? As bad as it may be, the fact remains that stress is good but its toxic when it’s stored in the body and not released.

I learned about a book while listening to Impact Theory’s podcast on The Trifecta of Meditation. I loved the podcast so much that I bought it and read it (which by the way I do a lot).

Emily Fletcher, the author (you might know her as an actor), talks about how stress is affecting the body and why meditation, especially the Z technique is one of the best techniques in managing stress.

The content is backed with research and findings from Harvard Medical School, Stanford, and Wake University. It detailed its neurological benefits, shared case studies and analogies. It was an insightful, interesting, and eye-opening read. I learned quite a lot about meditation, mindfulness, and manifesting.

Chapter 8 detailed the main idea of the Z technique. It comes from Nishkam Karma yoga – union attained by action hardly taken.  The remaining chapters gave a detailed, practical, and mind-blowing information about stress, manifesting, and sleep.

For instance:

  • There is no such thing as a stressful situation, only stressful responses to a given situation. 
  • Sleep is rest for your brain; meditation is rest for your body. 
  • Manifesting is getting crystal clear on your goals and being disciplined about taking time to imagine them as if they are happening now. 

Three reasons why you should consider reading this book:

1. It’s not the meditation that is generally talked about. This meditation, the Z technique, will help you get good at life, up-level your performance. Think about it in this way, your daily activities and demands act as an inlet for stress but there is no outlet. I felt this meditation acts like one.

2. It has cleared some popular notions that people often get wrong about meditation. To illustrate: the point of meditation is not to clear the mind, but to get good at life. Mind thinks involuntarily, like how the heart beats involuntarily. Eye-opening right?

3. And if you know nothing about meditation, this is one of the best books to start with.

Final Thought:

If you are looking for a book that will help you eliminate the effects of stress, improve mental energy, creativity and hone your intuition, then this book is for you. 

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