We Are Cutting Branches of the Tree Instead of Treating the Seed

Psychology books are my current favourite genre, and I am delighted to write about a book I read recently.

Dr. Nicole Lepera’s How to Do the Work is the best book to read if you are looking to heal from your past, create a new self, and if you are interested in learning about psychology. The content and insights not only blew my mind but it’s also important to be aware of, as they play a key role in healing the past. Take for example attachment theory, core beliefs, epigenetics, and last but not the least mind-body-soul connection.

Epigenetics says our genes aren’t fixed, they change based on the environment and lifestyle we choose.

The mind-body-soul connection simply means that sometimes physical illness is in the mind and soul manifesting in the body. It means that most sickness today is because of internal sickness. We are cutting branches of the tree instead of treating the seed.  Super insight, isn’t it?

Another important insight was the fact that the conscious mind is not burdened by the past, the subconscious is, and most of the time we function in autopilot that the subconscious controls. Hence, therapy is for the subconscious. We must heal the subconscious to drive change.

Key concepts like these and many others were interesting, important, and detailed – well blended with research, book references, and illustrations of her patients and herself. Besides, Nicole reveals a lot that almost every chapter has something to do with the problems she faced and had to overcome. This makes the book quite powerful.

Every chapter has a set of exercises to work on. They aren’t difficult to implement. Some are fun to do.

It’s professionally written and organized. It was a mind-opening reading experience. You don’t need a psychology background. Besides, it seems that it’s written from the perspective of people who know nothing about psychology. 

I felt chapter six was one of the important chapters for parents and society. It’s about how core beliefs affect the way you think, act, and see the world. Moreover, I realized how difficult a parent’s job is during the first 5 years of the child. A bit scary when thought about its implication at a broader scale.

5 lessons I learned from this book are: 

1.   Healing is a daily process. You can’t go somewhere to be healed.

2.      Change is overwhelming because your brain functions to keep you safe and it’s threatened by change. 

3.      To experience authentic relationships, you need to work on being one with your authenticity.

4.      Trauma is a part of life, but it doesn’t mean we are destined for a life of suffering and illness.

5.      Beliefs about ourselves are filters placed on the lens through which we view the world.

Dr. Nicole Lepera’s book is an awesome blend of important psychological concepts that will help you heal from your past patterns and teach you a lot about human psychology. It has case studies that include her patients and herself as a patient. Every chapter had How to Do the Work exercises that you need to implement. It’s written to create awareness and help you heal yourself with the exercises. 

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