Negative Thoughts Are Like Weeds. You Can’t Kill Weeds!!!

When I received the amazon package and opened it, I was quite surprised to see how small the book was – only 52 pages!! I read it six times now and I guarantee that it offers tremendous wisdom in the subject of mind and thought.

It explored the effect of thought in circumstances, health & body, and relation with character, purpose, and achievement. Moreover, it explored the concept of vision, ideals, and serenity.

When you read it for the first time, chances are the message will sum up as – As a man, thinketh so is he, as he continues to think, so he remains. But this book has something more, more profound realizations of thought and reality.

Consider this illustration: Your minds like a garden and like any garden you need to cultivate and maintain useful positive seeds in it, if you don’t maintain it regularly, weeds – negative seeds fall and produce their kind. Negativity doesn’t need permission, positivity does. In this processing of maintaining your garden, you’ll realize the power of Napoleon Hill’s words in Think and Grow Rich – I’m the Master of My Fate, the Captain of My Soul because I have the Power to Control My Thoughts

Yes, this 50-page book has a lot to offer. That said, here are the five lessons I learned from it: 

1.      Prayers and wishes are answered when solidified with thought and action

2.      You need to make a conscious, determined and deliberate effort in the right thinking. 

3.      No one can save you but you. Your suffering, your happiness is evolved from within. 

4.      Calmness of the mind is a long and patient effort in self-control. 

5.      You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are

Reading this book once a year, every year should serve you.  It will act as a reminder and with added experience, you’ll relate more and understand better. You might not be able to understand every word in the first read, the narrative is such, but if you keep reading at regular intervals, you’ll get something of value. 

As a man thinketh is a profound read. The insights of the mind, being the master and shaper of reality is more important than ever in today’s modern world. I recommend you all to read it.

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