What Is Hope? What Are The Things You Need To Build And Maintain Hope?

What is hope? What are the things you need to build and maintain hope? 

Mark Manson in Everything is Fucked says that we need three things to build and maintain hope: 

  1. A sense of control
  2. A belief in the value of something and
  3. A community 

They are explored in separate chapters along with the issues surrounding them. It concluded saying that hope is destructive and it’s better to live without it.

In the second part, he attempts to write on what life without hope looks like – everything that is fucked in it and why or how we should embrace it instead of hoping to fix it. It blew my mind. It took things to the next level but unfortunately ended on a low note.

The counter-intuitive approach Mark brought is stunning. It’s backed with ancient philosophies and psychology. It was well explained, articulated, valuable, a bit relatable, and relevant in today’s time. You could spend a good amount of time reflecting on the message.

Besides, you will find perspectives and arguments you may not or find difficult to agree with, but Mark’s got a point. It was shocking to see how the issues destructively affected hope and how it’s all a cycle. The three issues talked about are: 

  1. How overindulgence/suppression of emotions causes hope problems.
  2. How are values – the way we view ourselves and the world causes hope problems and how can we change values from shitty to better ones.
  3. How a feeling of hopelessness can be a start of a new religion – Spiritual, ideological, and interpersonal.

I loved the use of Newton’s law of emotions as a central analogy to explore the second chapter. It was an amazing way to convey the message. 

The book’s message was a bit familiar with his previous book but wrapping them around the context of hope brought a new perspective. 

Here are some of my takeaways:

  1. Pain is a universal constant. You can’t live a life without it. Escaping will only backfire.
  2. Don’t confuse your basic human right with not experiencing any discomfort. 
  3. Technological advancement isn’t the problem. We are. What we want sucks
  4. Practice Amor Fati: Unconditional acceptance of life and experiences. The high and low, the meaning and the meaninglessness, love, and pain.

Everything is fucked comes with an important eye-opening message that everyone must know. You shouldn’t regret reading this. It explored an interesting subject i.e. problems related with HOPE and what life looks like without it. It’s a fantastic mix of humor, psychology, and philosophies. The message is strong and impactful, especially in today’s modern world.

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