Is Success Only A Matter Of Hard work, Persistence, Talent, Grit OR Are There Other Factors That Play A Role Too?

Malcolm Gladwell is one of those writers who waits patiently for the ‘right idea’ to write a book on. It’s one of the many reasons why I look forward to reading his books.

In Outliers, he aimed to convince us that success isn’t a result of just hard work, persistence, talent, grit, etc but it’s also because of the steady accumulation of opportunities, unusual advantages, family background – when/where you were born, upbringing circumstances and cultural ethnicity. 

Intriguing idea isn’t it?

The content is engaging and conveyed with clarity. It’s insightful and proved what he set out to achieve with it. The research and illustrations were not only inspiring but also blew my mind with their stunning realizations. I was engrossed in it. 

The depth was amazing. You will learn a lot of insights besides the main theme. Insights like: the garment industry, school vacation policy, etc, etc. 

I loved the use of illustrations. Since a few of them are long, you’ll need to be patient so that he can make his point. For instance, the airplane crashes, the longest of all in the chapter of ‘The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crash’ showed how culture was the key factor responsible for the crash. It was one scary and shocking illustration. 

I believe Outliers will be worth your time cause it was surprising to see the impact the ‘other factors’ had and you must be aware of how and reflect on them. 

I don’t look at success the same way now. There are two books responsible for it. One of course is Malcolm’s Outliers and the other that messed up everything I know about success back then was Eric Barker’s ‘Barking up the wrong tree’. Both have approached this concept in ways that will change your perception forever.

Malcolm has done a commendable job with Outliers. It’s inspiring and enlightening with revelations that can blow your mind. I had an amazing reading experience with it and recommend you read it. 

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