He asked “Who is Morrie?” “My friend forever”, I told him.

“While I was in school, a 12-year toon, bookstore visits used to be my frequent weekend plans. Dad accompanied me to this pleasant place always, but he often used to get annoyed as I spent hours there moving my eyes through the bookshelves searching the correct read.

In one of my such bookstore visit with dad I entered the bookstore and just in the few initial minutes I located this hard cover on the bookshelf which caught my sight. I don’t know what happened to me but at that moment it felt as if the book was itself calling me out to get picked and selected as the next read. I felt that connect with it. ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ had found its space on my bookshelf. I enjoyed reading books on my way to school in the bus. Tuesdays with Morrie was set for the travel too.

As I sat on my bus seat, I held my new friend in my hand and the love for it became stronger as I smelled the beautiful aroma of its pages. Book reading in the bus was my daily task and the noise around subdued every time. However, it is not the same with Tuesdays with Morris.

As I started reading it, the noise in the surrounding started disturbing. I could not concentrate due to the honking of the bus, the bus conductor’s conversation on phone, co-passengers talking and the vegetable seller calling out the best prices he was offering. I tried multiple times to get my concentration together avoiding these disturbances but to no avail. My mind did not support me to know the story my friend held for me. I was so excited to learn this new story but I couldn’t. I was sad.

“Why am I not able to read you, my friend? I chose you with so much love to know the secret story you had and today you see after multiple tries too, I was not able to make it. I thought books were my friend, they knew me better than anyone else. But it seems you are testing me before allowing to make this friendship stronger.” “You better know this was my first time of having such an experience of not being able to read making me feel angry about the situation.”

Next day I reattempted to read it and guess what? It was the same experience once more. I had made my mind that this did not belong to me decided to give to a school teacher. Few days later, the same teacher came to me and expressed the love for the book upon reading to me. I felt sad. Multiple thoughts started flowing in my brain. “The one friend who had given me such positive vibes to get picked from the bookstore, did not want me to read it at all- why did it do so? Why did I build that connect with it?” After a deep thought I decided- I will never read Tuesdays With Morrie in my life.

I was at Dubai and passing through a difficult phase of life. One day I planned a visit to the Mall of Emirates to see more books at the Book Hut there. On one shelf of the aisle I saw Tuesdays With Morrie placed. I had made a firm decision to not pick it from there. As I kept searching for more I mind called out for it again. It gave me some stronger signals this time to get picked one more time. And I lost and added to my shopping basket and boy it was expensive.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a better companion now. The day after my purchase I started reading it and got more engrossed into its story with every flip of pages. Those two days I read the book non-stop. As I read it I felt happy, sad, hopeful, blissful and peaceful all together. It had become more special to me now. My connection to it turned stronger as it helped me look inward myself and embrace my existence more than before.

“You’re helping me overcome my fears, control my emotions, understand people better. Thank you, my friend you have answered my problems today. I am grateful to you.”, I said. Just then a tear dropped from my eye and it was as if Tuesdays with Morrie gave a smile to this emotion. There were still a few pages left to read, I continued.

I was traveling back home that weekend. I decided to read it after reaching home. Anyway it was soon coming to an end. I wanted to sit peacefully and get to know its ending. So I directly opened it the day after I reached home. I read it. I couldn’t stop reading it. My friend was leaving. It was coming to an end. I was so into it that I forgot about my doctor’s appointment. Mom came and told me to go. I rode so fast because I didn’t want to stay apart from the book even for a minute. It was coming to an end.

I reached the clinic, sat down by the door, waited for my appointment and there in middle of all the chaos, in all the noise, which was fading away this time, I read about the last few days of my friend Morrie. Morrie was dying. I knew it from the beginning that he will die but it still hurt. He was going. He was finally going. That beautiful human was going. I couldn’t stop my tears from rolling out. Yes there were people who must have thought that I was crazy to cry while reading but they didn’t know Morrie, the man who taught me, no not taught, but who made me a human.

I felt things. I could feel things for the first time. Feel. FEEL. I COULD FEEL. I cried because I felt him leave my side. I didn’t know how to say goodbye, just like Mitch did not. Morrie taught me. He hugged me, said goodbye and took his last breath. He left. In peace. His pain was over. He was dead. He always wanted a peaceful death. He died. Peacefully.

And there I was grieving with tears and a small smile of hope.

I was smiling because I knew that my life would not stay the same now. I knew I would now be able to live, not just exist. Morrie had left but I had arrived. I smiled and cried. In the middle of all that chaos in the clinic. The doctor called me in. He saw me crying. He saw that I was not okay. He offered me some water and asked, “What happened?” I answered, “Morrie died”. He asked “Who is Morrie?” “My friend forever”, I told him.”

This is my the first ever book story. It’s something that I wanted to do with this blog and found it tricky to explain to people. I thank my school friend Gunjan to share her story.

So, now you tell me. Do you like the story and the book? Let me know in the comments section down below.

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