There Are No Limitations to The Mind Except Those We Acknowledge.

Think and Grow Rich is about thirteen proven steps to riches – common principles on what makes people successful. They are a result of Napoleon Hill’s twenty-five years of studying and analyzing the successful people during his time. 

The thirteen principles are:   

Desire, Faith, Autosuggestion, Specialized Knowledge, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision, Persistence, Power of the Mastermind, Mystery of Sex transmutation, Subconscious mind, Brain and the Sixth Sense.

The philosophy was straight to the point and the content within these steps isn’t easy to apply. You must make the effort to work, be persistent, and have patience for these timeless principles to work wonders.

The content was detailed, deep, powerful, transformational, and partly inspirational. It has emphasized keywords and sentences. It will blow your mind if this is your first book or your first time reading this book. 

The principles were just a matter of a few pages. The content was heavily supported with illustrations that enhance the clarity of its practical use.

This was one of the books that showcased Law of Attraction doesn’t work alone. Adding on, it showed how powerful the mind is and its role in fulfilling your desires; cause in those thirteen steps, at least five of them are directly related to the mind. Indeed! There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. 

There are two things I particularly disliked: the repetitiveness of the philosophy and structuring. 

I believe the repetitiveness is because these steps are somehow interlinked. Besides, the illustrations needed to be complete for clarity. 

But when it comes to structuring, I felt some parts could have been moved to the end as an excerpt so that it didn’t affect the reading flow. For instance, information on leadership, marketing personal services, and self-reflection. 

The extraordinary length of the marketing personal services illustration disrupted my reading flow. The content shared is valuable, no doubts there, but I felt it could have been placed somewhere better.

Of many revelations the book had to reveal, this one resonated quite well to me – You have absolute control over your thoughts (positive/negative) that reach your subconscious mind.  

One of the things I found important and timely was the author’s views on education. No wonder we can vividly see his views being applied today. 

I also liked the inclusion of an additional chapter on fear and felt he went beyond when he added the self-analysis questionnaire and other things like the seven major causes of failure. It shows his commitment and genuine love and concern in bringing forth the secret. 

Overall, I found this book quite an impactful read. The breakdown of the thirteen steps seems practical and logical. Although this philosophy will take more than one read to fully comprehend, it’s a definite read for achieving your desires. 

A word of advice: Implement these steps only after you finish reading. 

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