A Compelling Read That Revealed WHY A Good Night’s Sleep Is Important for Your Mind and Body

I liked the blue cover but unfortunately got a white background version.

While searching for books to read, I came across Why We Sleep. Intrigued with the title, I explored what the book is about, the contents in it, and the general views about it. I was amazed and bought it. 

Why We Sleep was a compelling and impactful read that revealed WHY a good night’s sleep is important for your mind and body and what are the dangerous effects if you are deprived of it. 

The contents are broken down into four parts: 

  1. Basis of sleep (Quite interesting yet a bit boring) 
  2. Sleep benefits for the brain and its deprivation effects on mind and body (fascinating and important) 
  3. Dreams (fascinating) 
  4. Sleep and modern society (eye-opening) 

The first part was a bit boring because I felt much of the information could have been summarized in the upcoming sections. Likewise, there was one thing I felt was missing. In the final section, he talked about blue light, how it affects sleep and what we could do about it. As a solution, I didn’t find any content that said about blue light filtering glasses, something that is quite common today. Nevertheless, I liked part four because of its direct relevance to the present time.  It explored how today’s lifestyle has impacted sleep and how with the help of technology, we could do something about it.

I also liked the part about caffeine. As a regular consumer of caffeine via tea, the details had a direct on me. He said that it takes five to seven hours for your body to get rid of caffeine. This meant that I had to time the intake right so that I could sleep on time and since my body will get weaker as I grew older, I had to reduce the quantity.

The information is backed with stunning details and research from neuroscience. It was well explained that a reader with no scientific background will understand.

The realization blew my mind. It changed my perspective about sleep, and I can bet you it’s powerful enough to change yours as well. 

If you are familiar with the concept of the time management quadrant, I’d say that Why We Sleep belongs in the first quadrant. This means it’s important that you read this book urgently especially if you are sleeping less than eight hours a day and I also feel it needs to be taught in school so that you and the upcoming generations are educated and make necessary lifestyle changes. 

I appreciate Mathew Walker for he has done an amazing job in explaining the WHY and ringing alarm bells at the same time. 

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