How To Run Better Meeting And Make Faster Decisions

The 6 Thinking hats is one of the fascinating books I read. It changed the thinking process we traditionally followed.

Edward De Bono said that the main difficulty of thinking is confusion. It’s created because we bring in emotions, information, logic, and hope together.  This concept eased this process by separating them into different hats. Additionally, it focused on ‘designing a way forward’ – ‘what can be’ instead of ‘what is’.

The 6 Thinking hats was published 14 years ago. It has proven to be effective in not only saving time but also to make quicker decisions. Companies like ABB, IBM, Siemens have claimed to gain huge benefits from it.

The book is structured chronologically. It started with the concept of parallel thinking, the 6 colors, and the use of the method. It is then followed by 6 chapters dedicated to each hat, the benefits of the method, and finally the summarization of the book. 

The chapters dedicated to each hat are divided into 3 parts. It talked about the function – in brief, then a combination of 3-4 chapters that zoomed in to capture the details and finally a brief summarization of the functions. These chapters started with a subtitle and an impetus that generalizes the contents in it.

The narrative is concise with plenty of examples and analogies for clarity.  It doesn’t have much research and with no filler content, (non-fiction is generally criticized for) its surprisingly short (200 pages). 

The 6 Thinking Hats is a new concept I read about.  It was interesting and intriguing. In particular, the Japanese – Western thinking concept and the provocation concept were interesting.

Besides, I felt you might not need a team to apply this technique. It might still work if you were a solopreneur. Ultimately, you are doing all the work including the blue hat. (In a team meeting, the leader plays the role of the blue hat). 

Finally, this book is a must-read.  It’s an interesting ‘How to’ book category that will change the way we think, ease the decision-making process and save time, a resource that has gained more importance in this fast and competitive world. It’s an awesome book by Mr.  Edward De Bono.

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