Money Is Plentiful for Those Who Understand the Simple Rules of Its Acquisition

In the growing importance of financial planning and wisdom, this classic provides simple yet effective ancient Babylonian principles that men used to gain wealth. With lessons like pay yourself first, the wisdom will enlighten and give you a pathway to gain wealth.

The narrative is engaging and interesting. It’s ancient English with a storytelling narrative. I enjoyed the book.  The principles are intriguing and well-explained. A reader with no financial background can understand.  

Likewise, it can change your perception of money. For instance, it’s a false idea to think your wealth can satisfy any of your desires. There are limits to your time, there are limits to what you could eat, there are limits to the zest with which you could enjoy. Bill Gates said a similar quote, “I can understand wanting a million dollars…. But once you get beyond that, I must tell you, it’s the same hamburger.”

I loved the chapter “Walls of Babylon”. The technique to deliver the message was stunning. It’s about the human need for protection (insurance) by using war as a threat and Babylon’s Walls as an insurance cover. 

The best moments were the conversation between Sira and Dabasir followed by his actions.  Sira asked him, “Have you the soul of a slave or a free man?  It’s an inspiring tale of how Dabasir ran from his debtors, slaved, returned empty-handed, and promised to return every penny with a plan. It’s an awesome story with lessons of discipline, sacrifice, and turnaround.

Some of my learnings and realization unique to this book are:

  1. No man can afford not to insure treasure for his old age and the protection of his family. It means you need to have a retirement income and insurance.
  2. Advice is the one thing that is freely given away but watch that you take only what’s worth having.
  3. Good luck waits to come to that man who accepts the opportunity. Men of action are favored by the Goddess of Goodluck.

It’s a definite read if you need to get your finances in order and gain wealth. Likewise, it’s an awesome read if you are looking for inspiring stories with morals to carry forward.

Overall, it’s a wonderful book with stories of ancient Babylonian principles that will teach you about finance and wealth.  No wonder this book is highly recommended and inspiring.

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