A Perfect Guide to Influencer Marketing

Crushing it is the updated version of Crush it. The key difference is that it includes success stories of those entrepreneurs who met with unbelievable success by following Crush it.

Crushing It gives you a universal set of principles that you can use to leverage social media platforms to create a strong personal brand.

This is achieved in 2 parts:

  1. Get pumped

This section talks about 3 important things:

  • 8 essentials to a strong personal brand
  • What’s stopping you to Crush it and
  • The only thing you need to give yourself to Crush it

8 essentials to a strong personal brand are – authenticity, attention, content, hustle, intent, patience, passion, and speed. Some are discussed in Crush It. This section, repeats the points with more clarity and examples. 

One essential that matters the most is Intent. Gary argues saying, “people become entrepreneurs for wrong reasons”. He specifically points out only 2 – selfish and selfless reasons. He doesn’t say you shouldn’t have money goals. Caring, Providing Service, and Solving Problems should be your priority. Money shouldn’t.

2. Create your pillar

Create your pillar talk about the platforms you can use to build your brand. Platforms discussed are – Facebook, Instagram, Musical.ly, Podcast, Snapchat, Twitter, Voice-first and YouTube.

The contents in this section talks about:

  1. A brief background of each platform
  2. Advantages – Why you might need it?
  3. Gary’s strategy for using the tool
  4. Key differences between similar platforms and
  5. Success story of entrepreneurs who used the tool

Now, you might be wondering these strategies that Gary advised would work for him. How can it work for me?

This is where, as Gary said self-awareness is vital. You need to experiment with every platform to see what’s working and what’s not. You need to use the advice as examples, not commands, and create a unique pathway for yourself.

Every platform discussed has a subsection of Imagine This. These are strategies on how you can use a particular platform. For example,

  1. Strategy on how you can use twitter as a sports commentator.
  2. Strategy on how a 42-year-old real estate agent could use Facebook.

I loved the part when Gary attacked the mindset that believes Snapchat and Musical.ly are tools for 12-24-year-old. I agree to his point of view.

The interesting parts of this section were:

  1. A real-life example of DJ Khaled and how he became famous in Snapchat.
  2. A captivating argument of why Facebook is the juggernaut of the social media game and why you need to have a Facebook page

1 platform discussed in this book, Musical.ly, is dead. It was bought by Bytedance and merged into TikTok.

Real-life success stories of entrepreneurs are awesome. They are highly relatable and inspiring. I learned a lot of lessons and strategies from them besides what Gary shared in the book.

Every story shared here is unique and I can’t say which one I liked most. All I can say is they were the best reads in the book.

It’s easy to understand, to the point and concise. This book is awesome and you shouldn’t ignore the book Crush It. It has principles that are not repeated here which will help you develop yourself as a personal brand, or you can say, “An Influencer.”

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