Why Now is the Time to Cash in Your Passion

Gary argues, “we are living in an age of unmatched opportunity for anyone with passion, patience, and hustle to crush it.”

The internet represents the biggest shift in how we do business. Traditional media – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines are losing eyeballs to the online world. Millions of people spend countless hours shopping online but they are also moving their social life there because of Instagram, Facebook,  Snapchat, , TikTok, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube etc.  

Businesses now need to adapt to this change because this is where the people are going and money goes where people go.

But what exactly does crush it mean and how can we crush it?

If you are living your passion, built a business around it, monetizing it, and are happy, you are crushing it.

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk will guide you on how to build yourself as a Personal Brand using social media and monetize your passion.

Core ideas talk about:

  • Essentials to a strong personal brand
  • Monetizing strategies

One of the essentials talk about product and content.  Gary argues, “to monetize your brand into a business using social media marketing tools, 2 pillars need to be in placeProduct and Content.

Product is something you are passionate about. Content is the result of your passion and expertise.

Supporting ideas talk about:

  • Reactionary business – being willing to adapt and change
  • How to build a legacy – a mortar to a successful, lasting brand and business

Years of experimenting and learning, Gary backs all the arguments, claims, and bold statements to his experience of building himself as a personal brand. It’s just like he’s giving a blueprint to monetize our passion online.

I have 2 best reads in this book:

  1. Compares various platforms in brief and gives an interesting and compelling argument of why twitter is the most powerful brand-building tool in your toolbox.
  2. Shows you how you can practically implement the tools that you’ll learn to monetize your passion for board game and accounting. This was short and an amazing read.

This proves another argument made by Gary which is – any passion can be turned into a profitable, sustainable social-media-driven business.

I have one disappointment though. He talks about monetizing passion but doesn’t give any ideas on how to find it.

Crush it was released in 2009. The capacities of the social media tools covered here have increased. Don’t ignore the book yet. My advice is to take a pen, pencil, notebook and take notes because the content excluding it is worth learning and noting for future reference.

It’s easy to understand, to the point and extremely concise, just 140 pages.  It doesn’t share difficult to execute complex ideas. You just need to be willing to work hard.

He is passionate about Personal Branding and is willing to help anyone who wants to build it. That’s why you will see his email address mentioned in some pages of the book. If you need more information regarding a particular topic, he could not cover it due to the scope of the book. Email Him.

The book includes an appendix. It’s about:

  1. Checklist on how to build a Personal Brand
  2. Business ideas Gary could not execute

 Remember: Anything can be monetized on social media.

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